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Contemporary English Version (CEV)

The Contemporary English Version (CEV) is a fresh and clear Bible translation, first produced by the American Bible Society (ABS) in 1995. This CEV was especially developed for use in Church, outreach and evangelism and is suitable for people of all ages and educational background. The translation is readable, understandable and accessible. In 1997 the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) anglicised the text for the U.K. and Commonwealth but which also uses metric measurements. This is called the Contemporary English Version (Anglicised) or CEVUK.

The Contemporary English Version (CEV) was designed to be a Bible which is easily understood when read aloud. Most of the usual biblical terminology has been adapted into everyday language, to make it readable by people without a church background. As a result of this it won the coveted Crystal Award in 1996 from the Plain English Campaign, which is awarded to publications that are considered to be as clear as possible for the intended audience. This makes the CEV a great translation for youth Bibles.

Anglicised edition copyright © British and Foreign Bible Society 1997, 2012.

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